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Recruiting Participants

We are developing a new program which will reward those that help recruit participants for the tournaments.

This program will begin in the new 2012-2013 badminton season.

The way it will work, is registered recruiters will receive compensation for recruiting participants to a tournament.  A unique recruiter code will be assigned to each registered recruiter, and for each participant's registration form that contains the recruiter code will help earn the recruiter some compensation.

The compensation might be something as simple as a feather or plastic bird per participant.  The compensation will not be monetary.

The details of who qualifies as a registered recruiter is still to be determined.  However, it's unlikely just any one can become a registered recruiter.  Some people might be invited.  Some might just be badminton club presidents acting on behalf of their clubs, receiving compensation and passing it off to their club of representation.

I look forward to finalizing the plans for this program as soon as I can.